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      《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT

      《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT 详细介绍:

      《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT

      《Review》My Favourite School Subject PPT

      第一部分内容:Learning Aims

      01 熟记本单元的重点词汇,短语和句型

      02 现在完成时

      03 熟练的用英语谈论自己的喜好

      ... ... ...



      (clap clap) (snap snap)

      Oh? Then when? TICK­TOCK!

      Half an hour.TICK­TOCK!

      What time will that be? TICK­TOCK!

      Quarter to three.TICK­TOCK!

      (clap clap) (snap snap)

      See the time? TICK­TOCK!

      On the clock.TICK­TOCK!

      Time for lunch? TICK­TOCK!

      No,not yet! TICK­TOCK!

      ... ... ...

      ReviewPPT,第三部分内容:Building Your Vocabulary

      Fill in the blanks with the correct words.The first letter is given.

      1.Thanksgiving is a t_________ holiday in the U.S.and Canada.

      2.They had a good d_________ about yesterday's basketball game.

      3.Jim is a friend of m_____.We often help each other.

      4.The baby is sleeping.Please don't make so much n_____.

      Complete the passage with the correct words or phrases.

      Mr.Lee works hard.He never gets up late in  the morning.

      He is never ________ ______ work.He leaves home at 8:50 every day ________ on weekends.He usually gets to his office at 9:15.When he was young,he ________ hard at school,and his favourite ________ was computer science.Now he does very well in his field.He _______ to be the CEO of a big computer company someday.

      ... ... ...

      ReviewPPT,第四部分内容:Grammar in Use

      Write the past tense and past participle of the following verbs.

      help ______ ______    paint _________ _________

      use  ______ ______       give _______ ________

      carry _______ _______   put _______ ________

      make ______ ______     find _________ _________

      read ______ ______       buy _________ _________

      Fill in the blanks with the given verbs in their correct tenses.

      1.They ______________ (study) at this school for two years.

      2.My mother ________ (tell)me the story before.

      3.I ___________ (not see) my English­-speaking friends for a long time.I miss them.

      4.Ms.Wang __________ (teach)us English for two years.

      5.Jim ____________ (not write) a letter to his friend because he has been busy lately.

      6.Steven ________ (be) sick since last Sunday.He needs to see the doctor.

      ... ... ...

      ReviewPPT,第五部分内容:Listening and Speaking

      Listen to the dialogues and tick the correct answers. 

      1.□Seven.     □Nine.            □Ten.

      2.□In the lab.  □In the library.  □In the classroom.

      3.□Twice.      □Three times. □Every day.

      1. W: Look at those children. What are they doing?

      M: They’re making some cards for Teachers’ Day. 

      They have made seven already.

      Q: How many cards have the children made?

      2. W: Hi Bob! Have you seen Li Hua? Mr. Zhang is looking for him.

      M: No, I haven’t. I was in the lab all afternoon. I think he is in the library. I know he likes reading.

      Q: Where is Li Hua?

      3. W: Do you write in your diary every day, Sam?

      M: Not every day. About two or three times a week. What about you, Cindy?

      W: I write every day. And I have used more than six diary books.

      M: Wow!

      Q: How often does Cindy write in her diary?

      ... ... ...

      ReviewPPT,第六部分内容:Putting It All Together

      Read the passage and answer the questions.

      My Favourite Subjects

      Hello! My name is Li Ping.I live in Qingdao,a city in northern China.I think it's a beautiful city,and I love it a lot.

      I hope that you will visit it sometime in the future.

      I'm in Grade 8 this year.I have a lot of subjects at school,such as Chinese,maths,English,music,P.E.and art.Of all the subjects,I like English best because it's so useful and interesting.It's very important for us.I like reading books,too.

      I often borrow books from the school library.  

      The librarians are very kind.They are always smiling.

      I have a few Canadian friends.We often talk and write e­mails in English.

      Oh! I forgot to tell you about physics,a new subject.I think it's very interesting.All my friends like it,except Wang Lei.She is not good at it,but maybe I can help her.What are your favourite school subjects? Can you tell me something about them?

      1.Where does Li Ping live?

      2.What subject does Li Ping like best?

      3.What subject is Wang Lei not good at?

      ... ... ...

      ReviewPPT,第七部分内容:Self Evaluation

      Find more examples from this unit. Then mark your stars.

      Talking about Time

      What's the time,Jenny?

      It's a quarter after three.



      I can talk about time in English.

      Talking about Preferences 

      I have art.It's my favourite.



      I know how to talk about my preferences. 

      Present Perfect Tense

      I have painted six pictures this week!

      I have written three e­mails in English today.

      She has helped me with my maths homework a lot.

      I can use and communicate with the present perfect tense properly.

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