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      《The Best Neighbourhood》My Neighbourhood PPT下载

      《The Best Neighbourhood》My Neighbourhood PPT下载 详细介绍:

      《The Best Neighbourhood》My Neighbourhood PPT下载《The Best Neighbourhood》My Neighbourhood PPT下载

      《The Best Neighbourhood》My Neighbourhood PPT下载


      ◆Both Li Ming and Wang Mei are drawing a map of a perfect neighbourhood.李明和王梅都在画完美社区图。

      both...and...可连接名词、动词、形容词, 表示“两个都,既……又……”,一般指两者,连接两个并列部分作主语时谓语用复数。

      eg:He can speak both French and English.他既会讲法语又会讲英语。

      ◆I need a big park so I can play basketball!


      [注意]because 和so 不能同时出现,这一点与汉语不同。


      ◆And here's  a corner store. 这有一个街角商店。


      eg:Here are some picture books.这是一些图画书。

      Here they are.他们在这。

      ◆come for a visit意思是“来参观,来看一看”,类似的短语还有:go on a visit ...,pay a visit to ...

      ◆over there强调有一段距离,意思是“在那边”。

      ◆take sb. to some place 带某人到某个地方 

      ... ... ...

      The Best NeighbourhoodPPT,第二部分内容:课堂练习


      1.We had a ________(完美的) summer holiday last year.

      2.I have already _____________(完成) my map of my town.

      3.I would like a bookstore in my _____________(街区) .

      4.I am ___________.Could you give me some water?

      5.She is late for class ___________she gets up late.


      (    )1.There are ________ people in the supermarket on weekends.

      A.so much  B.so many

      C.very much  D.such many

      (    )2.English is very important,

      so we need ________ it well.(阿凡题 1074759)

      A.learns  B.to learn  C.learning  D.learned

      (    )3.There is a ________ and the whole world is in white.

      A.snow heavily  B.heavily snow

      C.snow heavy  D.heavy snow

      (     )4.If Jenny comes,I can ________ her ________ the restaurant.

      A.bring;to  B.take;to  C.take;in  D.bring;in

      (    )5.Over there ________ a library.

      A.is  B.are  C.has  D.have


      a corner shop,go for a visit,parking lot,bank,have to

      1.Every morning,mum ______go very far to buy food in a supermarket.

      2.You can buy some drink at _____________in our neighbourhood.

      3.There is a big park there.You can ____________.

      4.If you want to save money,you can go to a ________.

      5.I think you need to park your car in the ______________.


      1.The market is over_there.(对画线部分提问) 

      ___________the market?

      2.He lost his key.He couldn't open the door.(合并成一个句子) 

      He couldn't open the door ___________he lost his key.

      ... ... ...

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