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      第一PPT > PPT课件 > 英语课件 > 冀教版八年级下册英语 > 《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件

      《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件

      《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件 详细介绍:

      《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件

      《My Favourite Record》Be a Champion! PPT课件

      第一部分内容:Words & expressions

      think  adj. 厚的

      photograph  n. 照片

      lift  v. 举起;抬起 n. 电梯

      weigh v. 有……重;重

      kilo  n. 千克 

      several pron. pron. 三个以上;一些

      Think about it!

      1. Have you ever won a competition? What competition did you win?

      2. How do you feel when you get a prize?

      ... ... ...

      My Favourite RecordPPT,第二部分内容:Objectives

      1. To understand the letters.

      2. To learn some useful words and expressions in this lesson.

      3. To learn Superlative.


      think      photograph      lift

      weigh     kilo             several


      a list of

      be full of

      by the way 

      ... ... ...

      My Favourite RecordPPT,第三部分内容:Read the lesson and answer the questions.

      1. Whose paper airplane flew the farthest in Danny’s class?


      2. What record did Sandra set?

      Sandra won the record for the largest book.

      3. How large was Sandra’s book? What was in it?

      (It was) 60 cm long, 40 cm wide and almost 

      21 cm thick. It was full of her family’s photographs.

      4. How did Li Ming feel when he heard that a man pulled a train with his teeth?

      He feels surprised.

      5. What record did Li Ming set in the spring sports meet?

      He set the school record of the long jump.

      ... ... ...

      My Favourite RecordPPT,第四部分内容:Language Points

      1. We made a list of records for our class.


      a list of    一览表,清单;一列 

      Try to build a list of “what we should 

      learn” , and write down ideas of learning new things.

      努力建立一个“要学习什么”的清单。 你可


      I made a list of what I had to do.


      2. Mine flew farther than Jenny’s airplane, 

      but Brian’s flew the farthest.





      冠词the,句末一般跟一个of (in)介词短语来



      Spring is the best season of the year. 

      (1)形容词的最高级前面如果有by far等程度副词词组修饰时,应放在定冠词the的前面。

      She is by far the best of all students in the class.



      Is Nanjing the second largest city in China?


      ... ... ...

      My Favourite RecordPPT,第五部分内容:课堂练习

      Complete the passage with the correct forms of the words in the boxes.

      photograph    photographer   keep

      Why do you think some people like taking _____________ when they visit another place? Pictures are the best way to ______ memories.

      Many people take a camera with them everywhere they go. Do you think being a ______________ is a good job?

      several        lift        become

      A 12-year-old British schoolboy broke the record for his age group during a weightlifting event. He _____ a 90 kg weight in the competition. He hopes to _________an Olympic weightlifter and win _________gold medals for his country one day.

      ... ... ...

      My Favourite RecordPPT,第六部分内容:Homework

      As a class, brainstorm some different records. Who can run the fastest? Who can spell the most English words? 

      With your classmates, choose and write down a list of records. Then find out who holds each record in your class.

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