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      • 《What

        《What's your dream?》MP3音频课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《What's your dream?》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版六年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《What's your dream?》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

      • 《What

        《What's your dream?》PPT

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《what's your dream?》PPT 第一部分内容:词汇学习 Policeman 警察 scientist 科学家 Football player 足球运动员 doctor 医生 reporter 记者 歌手 singer 男演员 actor 厨师 cook 农民 farmer 工人 worker 教师 teacher W..

      • 《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》MP3音频课件

        《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》MP3音频课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版六年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》音频下载..

      • 《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》PPT

        《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》PPT

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《Shanghai is in the southeast of China》PPT 第一部分内容:Learn the new words big 大的 city 城市 southeast 东南的 visit 参观 busy 繁忙的 street 街道 east 东方的 enjoy 享受 ... ... ... 《Shanghai is in the sout..

      • 《A School Sale》MP3音频课件

        《A School Sale》MP3音频课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《A School Sale》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版六年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《A School Sale》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

      • 《A School Sale》PPT

        《A School Sale》PPT

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《A School Sale》PPT 第一部分内容:词汇学习 notebooks a notebook a story book story books What will you sell?(卖、出售) I will sell. ... ... ... 《A School Sale》PPT,第二部分内容:课程导入 buy买进来 sell卖出去..

      • 《What Is He Like?》MP3音频课件

        《What Is He Like?》MP3音频课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-29

        《What Is He Like?》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版六年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《What Is He Like?》音频下载,.mp3格式;..

      • 《What Is He Like?》PPT课件下载

        《What Is He Like?》PPT课件下载

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-28

        《What Is He Like?》PPT课件下载 第一部分内容:Warm-up Lets sing Over the mountain, by the ocean, There are two little girls. One is Mary, the other is Helen, They enjoy singing and dancing. Over the mountain, b..

      • 《What Is He Like?》PPT下载

        《What Is He Like?》PPT下载

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-28

        《What Is He Like?》PPT下载 第一部分内容:Review Make sentences -What is like? - is -What do you think of ? - is Free talk When do you get up? When do you have breakfast? When do you come to school? How do you ..

      • 《What Is He Like?》PPT课件

        《What Is He Like?》PPT课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-28

        《What Is He Like?》PPT课件 第一部分内容:Review Magic fingers kind clever friendly outgoing shy serious hard-working Warm-up Look, read and choose 1. She is tall with glasses. She is from Australia. 2. She is ..

      • 《What Is He Like?》PPT

        《What Is He Like?》PPT

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-28

        《What Is He Like?》PPT 第一部分内容:Review Magic fingers have a sports meeting throwing 100-meter race long jump high jump running race Listen and do Simon says Simon saysTouch your nose. Touch your hair. .....

      • 《At the Sports Meeting》MP3音频课件

        《At the Sports Meeting》MP3音频课件

        栏目:陕旅版六年级下册英语 日期:2018-07-28

        《At the Sports Meeting》MP3音频课件 文件内包含本课教学使用的MP3音频文件,非常适用于本课教学。 关键词:陕旅版六年级下册英语MP3音频课件免费下载,《At the Sports Meeting》音频下载,.mp3格式;..